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Site support services carry out some of the most important functions for our clients by being the eyes and ears on the ground. Site support services are carefully curated to match our clients’ needs and ensure that our client’s focus is on their core business. The services we offer vary from monitoring issues such as maintenance, identifying, and reporting hazards and incidents to restocking cleaning and catering supplies. We believe that these services are essential in ensuring the productivity and smooth running of a workplace and will be necessary to encourage regular employee attendance in the workplace.

What are support services in facilities management?

Support services in facilities management consist of a group of people to whom you can delegate tasks that ensure the smooth running of your workplace. As a result, you can focus on running your business. Site support services encompass an array of duties. Front of house greet employees and clients while ensuring that all incoming post is sorted quickly and accurately and franking outgoing post. Cleaning staff whether visible or not, make sure that the workplace is safe and clean for returning employees.  Catering is considered by many to be the biggest motivator for getting employees back to the workplace. Security personnel offer a reassuring presence to occupants. Environmental management is a specialised service that must meet the ISO standard 14001:2015. It deals with a range of areas including waste and utility management and environmental impact statements.  Landscaping services help to create a pleasant working environment for employees. A regular pest control schedule eliminates the possibility of it becoming a problem. The availability of a 24hr helpdesk helps our clients who require an out of hours support service to help them achieve their desired customer care levels.

Site support services like this support the smooth running of your business. Depending on the needs of a client, these are adjusted to ensure that the right level of support is delivered consistently.  

Why your business needs them

In a recent LinkedIn poll, we asked the question ‘which of these would make you go back to the office more regularly?’ The top two answers included food / catering and site support services. This would suggest that it is the day-to-day supports in an office which have beneficial effects on employees when they are present in the workplace. When the support services in your workplace are absent, or aren’t working, it can result in lost time and more stress, making life for employees present in the workplace more difficult. As a result of the pandemic, a significant proportion of employees have experienced increased stress and burnout. Therefore, removing even small sources of stress in the workplace can have a cumulative effect on employee wellbeing. Consequently, the presence of support services in an office environment can mean that you save time, encourage employees to attend the workplace more regularly and increase your productivity by delegating tasks allowing you to focus on your core business.

The broad range of areas that facilities management support services cover means that it is possible to set KPI’s and monitor them by using facilities management software. The effective use of facilities management software includes streamlining the day-to-day operations of the workplace, boosting communication and improve efficiency. Improving the efficiency and smooth running of your workplace has benefits such as bolstering your business’ reputation. Additionally, using facilities management software gives your business an overview of all activities that are taking place in your workplace and how well they are performing. This is especially useful for monitoring environmental management areas such as waste disposal which contributes to sustainability goals and compliance.

How Acacia supports your business with support services

Your employees being aware that their workplace is ready and able to support them will make the workplace more attractive and encourage interest in returning to it. It is an opportunity for your employees to get reacquainted with their workplace and their colleagues. Our facilities management support services help clients by collaborating with them to improve workplaces to be a more pleasant and productive place to be. Site support services are connected to every aspect of the business and help it run more smoothly. We would be delighted to have a conversation with you to discuss ways of making your workplace more attractive for returning employees. Contact us here.  

Acacia Team

Acacia Team

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