The ultimate aim of Soft Landings is to produce a building that Facility Managers can operate with

  • Lower Energy Use
  • Lower Cost
  • Lower Co2 Emissions
  • Lower Maintenance Requirements
  • Higher Occupancy Satisfaction
  • Improved Perceived Occupant Productivity & Health

David O’Brien, Managing Director, Acacia Facilities Management Ltd, is championing this methodology, in Ireland, as part of his role in the IPFMA.

The main focus of Soft Landings is to develop a golden thread between all stages from Design Brief, Design & Construction, Pre Handover, Initial Aftercare (Post Pratical Completion), Year 1 – 3 Aftercare and ongoing Facilities Management.

As the award winning architect, Rab Bennetts, says in his introduction to Soft Landings:
“As an industry, we have often seemed incapable of learning about the performance of our own creations, with the inevitable result that buildings regularly fail to meet their owners’ operational expectations or, worse, are demolished less than a generation after their completion”. …  “The current recession is following a similar pattern, so surely the subtext for the industry should be to embrace the knowledge gained from performance assessment and turn it into competitive advantage. Only the best buildings will survive in the long term.”

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