Site Support Services

At Acacia we understand that our site support teams carryout one of the most important functions by being the “eyes and ears” on the ground.  We have a large team of porters, service attendants, building fabric technicians, facilities assistants and mail room personnel who respond to daily activity to support our client workplace.  This team are highly organized and focus on the detail and work on their own initiative. 

A range of activities carried out by this team are:

  • Providing additional support for Client.
  • Report any maintenance issues
  • Assist in emergencies such as light leaks, spills etc.
  • Issuing permits to contractors and accompanying while on site if necessary.
  • Identify and report hazards and incidents.
  • Assist in health and Safety including bell tests, floor walks and first aid boxes are stocked.
  • Creation and Control of Access cards for visitors and staff.
  • Respond to soft service calls logged
  • Liaising with cleaning team on specific requests and ensuring cleaning schedule adhered to.
  • Ensure workplace areas are kept tidy at all times.
  • Removing waste from all areas and ensure proper storage and segregation
  • Frequent checks of key areas like toilets and café area, tidying and replenishing stock when necessary.
  • Ordering and restock of cleaning, catering and stationary supplies.
  • Collection of deliveries and distribution and storing correctly.
  • Replenish paper/toner in fax / copier machines.
  • External janitor duties like litter pick around front of building, keeping smoking shelter clean and ash tray empty, keeping waste compound clean and tidy.
  • Set up and support Meeting rooms in line with client requests.
  • Assist with set up of lunch meetings as required and clean up afterwards.
  • Additional stock control (water cups, milk, coffee machine products, vending items).
  • Ensure that all incoming post is sorted promptly and accurately.
  • Frank all outgoing post correctly and ensure that it is ready for post pick-up.

Contact Us

Paula Cahill
Facilities Management Director
T +353 086 044 7952

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