Catering Services

Catering to your needs

At Acacia we understand the importance of a happy, healthy workforce and that diet places a pivotal role in maintaining that balance. We pride ourselves on working with Ireland’s key providers of catering services; providers with which we have established long standing relationships. 

Flexible catering to suit you

Working with multiple providers, allows us to find the best match for your workplace requirements. 

The catering offering has changed from a traditional full catering service of two meals a day to more flexible services using latest technology to create a “mini market” service, barista bars, snack and refreshment service and high quality bespoke meal delivery and hospitality services to the highest standards. Our experience allows us to create the best experience for your workplace whilst optimising the building facilities and negotiating the best possible price.

Everything we do is based upon four directives:

  • Exceed our customer’s expectations
  • Value and support our employees
  • Build long-term relationships
  • Be trustworthy

We listen to you and gain an understanding of your catering need and then we find the best company and secure the best price.


  • Adaptable catering solutions that can be customised for your company
  • Established relationships with our catering providers ensures the best possible price

Contact Us

Paula Cahill
Facilities Management Director
T +353 086 044 7952

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