Moves Management

Changing locations

Moves Management (or relocation management) works in tandem with facilities management. All our Facilities Management teams deal with churn on a very regular basis. Our Project Managers get involved when the relocation project becomes more complex and there is a greater degree of complexity to the move. In these instances, the relocation process is treated like a proper project with stakeholders identified, a comprehensive program devised, and a tendering exercise to select the most appropriate and cost effective Relocator to the move works.

Moving to a deadline

Often, these complex moves must be carried out within very tight windows of opportunity and encompass elements of facilities management (cleaning, internal plants, reprographics, etc.) as well as IT input.

We drive the necessary planning meetings, liaise with all departments, and end users and manage all ancillary services associated with or impacted by the relocation project. All the above works ensures a successful project and a happy client.


  • Our project management skills are used to ensure that tight relocation deadlines and budgets are carefully managed
  • All aspects of a client’s premises are considered throughout the transition process
  • We communicate regularly with our clients during their move to ensure that all details are being monitored

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