Reactive Maintenance (Help Desk)

Maintaining Assets
Reactive maintenance (also known as breakdown maintenance) refers to repairs that are done when equipment has already broken down, to restore the equipment to its normal operating condition.

Customer Care
We provide customer-oriented Help Desk services for all Soft & Hard facilities services. Should our clients have the need for any of our services our 24-hour help desk support service will take the call and assign the work as required. The call category will then be automatically categorised and prioritised to ensure that the correct response time is achieved. Within the greater Dublin area, we provide maximum one-hour response times to emergency calls logged by our key clients and also have back-to back arrangements established with a number of specialist providers on behalf of our clients.

As transparency of service is one of our key performance drivers, we have developed our own custom CMMS System. Within this system we can process, assign and time-stamp all facilities requests so that we can present full reports on details including Cost, Response Time, Building Hotspots and many more, all customisable by the client. If you currently have a system in place for staff to raise tickets, our development team can work to create a simple but effective API that bridges the two systems and maximises the value of your existing system.

Additionally, full IoT sensor capabilities are available for condition monitoring and automated maintenance related tasks for critical areas such as comms rooms and plantrooms.


  • Transparency of services and costs provided through reports 
  • Communication between customer and Acacia’s ticketing system can be managed via an API
  • IoT sensors available for critical locations

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Eyre Massey
Technical Services DIrector
T +353 086 028 9376

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