Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

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Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is a proven approach to maximising the life of an asset and ensuring full legal compliance.
A Planned Preventative Maintenance strategy reduces the risk of costly, unexpected repairs or major capital expenditure on replacement by maximising the life expectancy of each asset and minimising downtime associated with repairs. In Ireland, there is also a wide range of legislation that directly or often indirectly dictates the requirement for PPMs to be carried out. Acacia’s Technical Services Department specialise in developing PPM strategies for clients that incorporate both in full, thereby minimising client’s costs and ensuring that they are fully compliant with all of their statutory obligations.

Our process

This process begins with one of our degree qualified engineers completing a comprehensive survey of the building to produce a detailed asset register and proposed planned maintenance programme with costs and detailed explanations for each line item such as the benefits or specific legislation that applies to each. Where the building has Operation and Maintenance (O&M) or Safety Files, we will also review these to identify any specific warranty requirements, special maintenance details etc.

This proposed maintenance programme will then be presented for discussion. As we present each line item in a transparent and open way without mark-ups, we believe that we and our clients can openly and honestly discuss each line item without any concern by our clients of us having conflicts of interest. We also always welcome the opportunity to onboard new specialist providers that clients recommend to us so will incorporate these where possible into the proposed programme.

How service starts
Once the planned maintenance programme is agreed, all the assets and schedules are uploaded to a central on-line database, Azolla. The database then begins to generate work orders for each maintenance task from the “go-live” date. Here, all ongoing maintenance records are then stored for audit purposes as they are completed.
As part of a planned maintenance programme the building will also be covered by our 24/7/365 Emergency Help Desk service.


  • All maintenance records are centralised in our database
  • Maintenance tasks commence from the “go-live” date
  • 24hr access to the emergency helpdesk

Key Benefits of PPM


Increase in Asset Lifespan


Reduction in reactive work orders.

Contact Us

Eyre Massey
Technical Services DIrector
T +353 086 028 9376

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