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Acacia’s Technical Services department consists of professional engineers and trades-qualified technicians that are highly skilled, customer-focused, and cross-trained across multiple technical disciplines resulting in the provision of industry-leading facilities services management.
We place a heavy emphasis on continuing professional development for all of our staff through industry briefings, training courses and on-the-job learning so that all of our personnel are able to work safely and confidently at all times, and that our team are continuously developing their knowledge of emerging technologies.
The team includes Chartered Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Energy Engineers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Gas Boiler Engineers and Construction Managers, all providing planned and reactive maintenance for electrical and mechanical systems to organisations across all sectors.

Communication is Essential

Because we believe that cross-team communication and knowledge-sharing plays a critical part in our service. Regular team meetings are also held where experiences and solutions are shared. Additionally, all our technical staff have continuous access to senior engineers and directors should they need any additional support.

Tracking maintenance

The backbone of our service provision to all our clients is our Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system ‘Azolla’. Having developed Azolla from the ground up, we have worked closely with clients to develop a number of functions based on bespoke requirements which, once tested, are rolled out across all client systems, thereby adding more value through user-driven time saving features. Azolla is used by our engineers to manage and report on all planned and reactive maintenance activities while our technicians have direct access to all work orders on Azolla through a specially designed mobile companion app. Thus ensuring that all works are tracked in real-time and SLAs are adhered to in full for each and every job.


  • Technicians skills are being continuously developed 
  • Work is tracked and monitored through our CAFM system Azolla
  • Support for technicians to complete maintenance works is ensured through clear communication between our technical team and directors.

Contact Us

Eyre Massey
Technical Services DIrector
T +353 086 028 9376

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