On-Demand Cleaning

As a Facilities Management company, our core values revolve around exceeding our client’s expectations while providing the best value and services on the market today. We also understand that in a COVID-19 world, cleaning and sanitation is a priority for our clients as it ensures the safety of their staff.

We have partnerships with Ireland’s leading cleaning contractors who provide us with best in class services across the board. With premium services, this can mean premium prices, however by utilising our On-Demand cleaning sensors we only clean when it is required.

By using low cost sensors in areas such as Bathrooms and Shower Rooms we can easily track the number of occupants in real-time. By combining this data with our action based IoT system, we issue work orders to on-site or contacted cleaning services without delay, ensuring that cleaning hours are utilised to their fullest.

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Colm Flanagan
Business Development Manager
T +353 086 140 9888
E colm.flanagan@acacia.ie

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