BMS Integration

Some of the most common Building management systems (BMS) can seamlessly link to our proprietary Facilities Management software. Using your building’s pre-existing sensor network, our software can respond to sensor alerts by allocating reactive work instantly to one of our mobile technicians.

We have developed an interface between our software and leading BMS brands, combining best-in-class technology with operational processes, to allow you to reduce the impact of your business activities on the environment. Through seamless links into our Azure powered software, work orders can be automatically raised, and our on-site or mobile teams will be notified when an alarm is raised via the BMS. This allows you to make considerable cost savings by ensuring that preventative maintenance is only performed when necessary.

  • Predict impending equipment failure by monitoring asset data though existing BMS on sites
  • Reduce rectification times as engineer dispatch can be automated and trade specific
  • Extend asset life through proactive repair
  • Generate cost savings by avoiding unnecessary maintenance

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