Karen Hannon

EHS Manager



The Safety Statement represents a commitment to the health, safety and welfare of all employees and all those impacted by the company’s operations. It should state how the employer will ensure their health and safety and state the resources necessary to maintain and review health and safety laws and standards. It must be site specific to your business activities and kept up to date, in order to be legally compliant.

Risk assessment is an essential component of the safety statement. The Safety Statement must be based on the identification of workplace hazards and an assessment of the risks such hazards present, and detail what measures are in place to control these risks. The safety statement and risk assessments must be completed by a suitably competent person.

We at Acacia have qualified and experienced health and safety specialists available to assist your company in achieving and maintaining compliance to this mandatory obligation set down in the 2005 Act. Working with you, we will ensure that your obligations under the 2005 Act are met.

Sample Client List

Clients Testimonials

“Dealing in large volumes of risk assessments at our company campus, we approached Acacia for assistance and we are very pleased with the service we have received.
We now have comprehensive risk assessments and thanks to Acacia’s flexibility, we have continued to use our in-house software tools.”
Financial Industry Client
“Acacia has been instrumental in the design and implementation of our Health and Safety management system and are always on hand to provide advice and support whenever we need it.”
Pharmaceutical Industry Client
“At our company, the Health and Safety of staff is paramount, Acacia provided us with the support and guidance we needed to develop an industry-leading safety management system. Both our company and staff value their continued guidance and support around all Health and Safety matters.”
Insurance Industry Client
“Company expansion means new office locations, during our office expansion in 2019 we required a large volume of DSE assessments and thankfully Acacia were on hand to provide these assessments and also co-ordinate our Health and Safety training”
Tech Industry Client
“We have worked with Acacia for the past three years on various Health and Safety projects and have always valued their level of expertise and willingness to provide advice and support whenever it is required.”
Online retail Industry Client