Karen Hannon

EHS Manager



On 12th March 2018, the long awaited ISO 45001 standard was published.   This is the first internationally recognised ISO standard associated with Occupational Health and Safety.  The format of the standard follows the familiar ISO structure and it uses terms and definitions which are common to other newly revamped ISO standards such as ISO 9001, 27001 & 55001.  ISO 45001 has been designed to allow organisations to align with the requirements of other standards and therefore eliminate duplication and repetition.  This also allows for a simpler integrated management system approach where each standard is a cog in the wheel rather than a standalone system.

The 45001 standard, as with others, revolves around the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle and its main aim is to minimise the risk of harm in the workplace.  The new standard requires an organisation to look at external and internal influencing factors and the expectations of interested parties such as employees, customers, suppliers or contractors.  This all feeds into the overall risk assessment process.  The standard requires involvement in all levels; for example, consultation and participation with employees is important but the standard also places a focus on commitment from top level management.

Companies who currently have the OHSAS 18001 system now have to consider their migration options as this will be withdrawn over the next 3 years.  Much of the requirements of the OHSAS system will still apply but there will be additional work necessary to fulfill the requirements of the new standard.  Those who have other ISO standards will find the process to add a recognised Occupational Health & Safety standard has been simplified.

Acacia have a team of EHS professionals who are familiar with the requirements of the new standard.  No matter what the current level of compliance or accreditation, we can work with you to achieve certification to the new ISO 45001 standard.

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Clients Testimonials

“Dealing in large volumes of risk assessments at our company campus, we approached Acacia for assistance and we are very pleased with the service we have received.
We now have comprehensive risk assessments and thanks to Acacia’s flexibility, we have continued to use our in-house software tools.”
Financial Industry Client
“Acacia has been instrumental in the design and implementation of our Health and Safety management system and are always on hand to provide advice and support whenever we need it.”
Pharmaceutical Industry Client
“At our company, the Health and Safety of staff is paramount, Acacia provided us with the support and guidance we needed to develop an industry-leading safety management system. Both our company and staff value their continued guidance and support around all Health and Safety matters.”
Insurance Industry Client
“Company expansion means new office locations, during our office expansion in 2019 we required a large volume of DSE assessments and thankfully Acacia were on hand to provide these assessments and also co-ordinate our Health and Safety training”
Tech Industry Client
“We have worked with Acacia for the past three years on various Health and Safety projects and have always valued their level of expertise and willingness to provide advice and support whenever it is required.”
Online retail Industry Client