Fergus MacMahon

Operations Director



At Acacia, we have developed our own in-house cloud-based Facilities Management system that allows us to easily monitor and manage remotely all ongoing operations within our sites, saving time and increasing productivity. This industry-leading software scales and adapts to accommodate the client’s needs. With a full IoT suite of sensors available for our industry leading software platform, it allows us to rapidly install the appropriate sensors to match the required outputs to be monitored without depending on internal client IT systems or any invasive works to client areas.

We have a range of IoT products available, which have been specially bundled as sensor equipment “solution packs” that are required to fulfil the designated purpose. These include the correct sensors and sensor gateways which our expert team of technicians can install and link to our cloud system. Powered by MS Azure technology, our system is safe and secure and provides instant access to sensor data along with actions triggered by preset rules based on the monitored data. This means our sensors are watching your assets 24 hours a day, alerts and creates the necessary instructions to whomever needs to react to the alerts immediately the preset rules have been breached.

These solutions include;

  • Occupancy Tracking – Track the number of people at any point within your building for the purpose of Max Occupancy and On-Demand cleaning.
  • Comms Room Monitoring – This solution provides real-time monitoring for Temperature, Humidity and Leak Detection compromises.
  • HVAC Monitoring – This system provides real-time monitoring for your building HVAC system, comprising of Power, Temperature, Vibration and Air Pressure sensors.
  • Boiler Room Monitoring – Real-time monitoring for heating systems, it is a multi-sensor setup which combines measurements of Temperature, Vibration and Power.

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Sample Client List

Clients Testimonials

“Acacia has provided Total Facilities Management services for Xerox for over five years. A key differentiator for Acacia is the technological solutions they provide for Xerox. Xerox requires a high degree of technical capability from its Facilities Management provider and Acacia fulfil that need through their team of engineers and environmental specialists. The CAFM software that they provide is very user-friendly and provides Xerox with the ability to carry out real-time reviews of the status of our assets.
In addition, the system allows Xerox to measure the quality of Acacia’s performance against agreed Service Levels. Having evaluated many systems during the course of selecting our Facilities provider, we believe that the technology that Acacia has developed to be a market leader in its field.”

Brian McAleer, Business Partner Global Procurement, Xerox (Europe) Limited
“Acacia has provided Workplace solutions for BG Group for over two years and in that time I have found both the service and the software system they use to manage the business to be of the highest standard. The software system Acacia has developed is fundamentally based on industry best practice and they have used their expertise to innovate and to develop the software product which has significantly contributed to BG Group delivering a high-quality service that is very cost-effective.  Acacia, in my opinion are unique in the market because they develop end user-led software solutions to deliver exceptional Workplace solutions for their clients.”
Andy Stewart, General Manager Business Services EMEAC & SA, BG Group