The price of Data Centre failures can be high, including business disruption, lost revenue, reduced end-user productivity, legal and regulatory costs and lost confidence among key customers and stakeholders.

Acacia’s data centre consultants develop solutions to implement international best practice in Data Centre Management

  • Critical Environment protocols
  • Best practice security protocols
  • White space cleaning protocols
  • Maintenance Procedures for Critical Environment
  • System Recovery Protocols
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Plans for Data Centres
  • Uptime Institute (UTI) Certification
  • Data Centre Operations & Mobilization
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World FM Day Quiz 2022

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Why do businesses need facilities managers?

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Facilities management is a strategic tool to see patterns, track changes and identify risks that may have a future negative impact on your business.

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A great facilities manager should be…

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What does a facilities manager do?

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The theme of this year's World FM Day 2022 is leading a sustainable future. How does facilities management support sustainability?

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