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We take our name from the Acacia tree, a species that flourishes in adversity, offering sustenance & shelter in the harshest climates. This ethos is central to our Responsible Business programme through which we proudly support and promote Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion within our organisation and also with those of our Value Chain, in accordance with our Responsible Business Policy (View Here)

The Acacia Evergreen Initiative

Our new Acacia Evergreen Initiative fully addresses the expansion and measurement of our sustainability efforts. We have aligned our Responsible Business efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we have chosen those most relevant to our business and set our goals accordingly. In alignment with the UN SDGs as listed below, the four pillars of our new Acacia Evergreen Initiative are based on these and are outlined below. We have now completed, collated and assessed our achievements in our first year as Acacia Evergreen and are proud to publish our Responsible Business Report 2022 here.


We strive to treat our people with fairness, equality, and respect at all times, foster a culture of inclusion & diversity while encouraging all employees to lead healthier lives.


  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Health and Safety
  • Learning and Development

Targets / KPIs / Metrics

  • Integrate sustainability items into the new Safety, Health & Wellbeing Committee’s plan for 2023 Q1
  • Continued promotion of Flexible and Remote Working Arrangements – Q1-4
  • Roll out of Apleona Health & Wellbeing calendar

Key Actions 2023

  • Safety, Health & Wellbeing Committee to conduct pulse survey to ascertain areas of interest from all employees
  • Committee to devise strategy and roll out: Personal Finance & Budgeting, Physical Fitness, Fire Safety in the Home and Mental Health
  • Managers to conduct 6 monthly reviews of remote working arrangements to ascertain job satisfaction and productivity with focus on retention


We seek to minimise our environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions company wide and improving our energy management practices.


  • Energy Management
  • Carbon Reduction
  • Waste & Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Transport

Targets / KPIs / Metrics

  • 2022 Carbon footprint calculated by Q3
  • Continue Diesel fleet swap out and upgrade – 20%
  • Integrate into Apleona’s Decarbonisation Plan
  • Publish Responsible Business Report

Key Actions 2023

  • Continue replacement of old diesel fleet with more efficient or electric vehicles in 2023
  • Updated Carbon Footprint completed
  • Report on environmental issues

Value Chain

Responsible sourcing is a crucial element of Acacia’s human rights due diligence efforts and focuses on working with our suppliers.


  • Responsible Sourcing of Sustainable Products and Services

Targets / KPIs / Metrics

  • 70% of suppliers to sign up to Sustainability Clauses
  • Select next top 5 supplier partners to develop their own responsible business programs by Q2
  • Integrate with Apleona Procurement system

Key Actions 2023

  • Align Apleona and Acacia procurement policies
  • Continue to encourage sustainability initiatives with our supply chain


We endeavour to use our new technologies to assist and support the working environment as an additional step in reducing our carbon footprint.


  • Efficient Buildings
  • Clean Technology

Targets / KPIs / Metrics

  • Installation of 50 on-demand cleaning sensors by Q1
  • Installation of 50 temp monitoring sensors in Q2
  • Installation of 50 CO2 monitoring sensors in Q3
  • Installation of 50 occupancy sensors by Q4

Key Actions 2023

  • IoT tech to cut back energy usage
  • Temperature Control Sensor technology roll out
  • CO2 Monitoring Sensor technology roll out
  • On demand cleaning efficiencies

How we align with United Nation’s SDGs

Our new Acacia Evergreen Initiative fully addresses the expansion and measurement of our sustainability goals. We have aligned our Responsible Business efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we have chosen those most relevant to our business and set our goals accordingly.  

Target 3.10

Safeguard the health of our employees by ensuring physically safe environments, having zero tolerance for harassment and bullying, and by nurturing emotional and mental wellbieng.

Target 5.13

Be proactive in investigating and monitoring key practices – such as recruitment, pay structures, hiring, performance assessment and promotions – to ensure no discrimination occurs.

Target 7.1

Ensure that all energy consumed as electricity, heat or fuel – is derived from renewable energy sources.

Target 8.2

Ensure works across the value chain are not subject to bonded, slave or child labour, and can expect decent working conditions.

Target 11.7

Eliminate operational waste completely, and ensure all by-products are repurposed.

Target 12.4

Reduce and eventually eliminate any negative environmental and social impact caused by the goods and services we depend on.

Target 13.6

Ensure our business contributes fairly towards reaching global decarbonisation targets if and only if our decarbonisation trajectory aligns with best available guidance.

Evergreen’s Science Based Targets

The effects of implementing our Acacia Evergreen Initiative will mean engaging our suppliers (view our supplier code of conduct here), clients, and employees and making them aware of our decarbonisation plan. We aim to align our sustainability efforts with Science Based Targets and working towards them. Additionally, we will endeavour to creating sustainability champions within Acacia through education and participation.  

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