Purchasing Energy for Your Organisation

by | Jun 2, 2013 | Energy

A recent Irish Times article, ‘Energy prices fall to lowest level this year after record high’ reiterates the volatile nature of the Irish energy market. Energy can be a company’s biggest expense after salary, yet it is often not given the priority it deserves.  Read Article HereWayne Mitchell (Markets Director of npower) gave interesting insights into the ways SMEs in the UK undertake energy procurement, and the opportunities they were missing to reduce costs. They consulted with more than 200 medium sized businesses (average spend £180K on energy a year) and found;
  • Only 4 % had a dedicated energy specialist.
  • 9 out of 10 companies that had employed an energy specialist were now benefiting from cost savings.
  • Only 21% of companies polled had any energy strategy, meaning that procurement and contract renewals were not being planned effectively.
Companies often miss opportunities to reduce costs when it comes to energy procurement. It’s important to appreciate the value an energy consultant can offer when exploring your options and planning. For guidance on management and energy procurement email contactus@acacia.ie or visit SEAI Guidance
Acacia Team
Acacia Team

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