Our relationship with plastic

The problem with plastic is that we can’t live without it and its universal application needs a re-evaluation. The negative effects of plastic on our environment and human health are widely known. It is common knowledge that the production and disposal of plastic is...

World FM (Facilities Management) Day 2022: Leading a sustainable future 

Misconceptions about sustainability  Leading a sustainable future in facilities management is the theme of World FM Day 2022. Sustainability is a continuous process of improving how we manage our client’s facilities. As sustainability becomes a greater focus for...

Acacia Evergreen and Earth Day 2022 

Since 1970 Earth Day has been about giving ordinary people an opportunity to voice their concerns about the state of the environment through grassroots participation and legislation. A US Senator, Gaylord Nelson had been horrified by the effects that humans were...

LEED and WELL certifications: differences, benefits, and drawbacks

As human beings we spend a significant amount of time indoors. Consequently, our environment plays a large role in our comfort, health, and wellbeing. The ventilation, the presence of natural light and indoor environment quality work together to influence our...

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Our relationship with plastic has to change. Changes are being made to make it more sustainable. Click on the link to read about sustainable plastic and how we can help you treat your waste as an asset #plastics #FacilitiesMgmt

Work culture is seen as one of the biggest challenges in the hybrid workplace. So how do create that culture that brings people together? #HybridWork #FacilitiesMgmt

Have you been more productive working remotely? Has your company expanded and become more diverse during the pandemic? When adapting to a remote hybrid working model, there are a few considerations from @AcaciaIreland
#hybridwork #FacilitiesMgmt

Interesting to read such a detailed piece outlining the analysis and process that is involved before the demolition of a building and the role that FM plays

Technology is key to facilities management and benefits our clients enormously. One type of #technology is Building Information Modelling. Read our blog below to learn why it is used in facilities management #FacilitiesMgmt #BIM

Today brings about the first Facilities Management Awareness Course in @tusla welcomed and supported by our CEO @BernardGloster
In conjunction with @AcaciaIreland #FacilitiesMgmt #suppportingstaff #continiouslearning


Hot desking, tea rounds and surviving meetings IRL: the new rules of the office https://www.theguardian.com/money/2022/may/17/hot-desking-tea-rounds-and-surviving-meeting-irl-the-new-rules-of-the-office?CMP=share_btn_tw

Carbon reduction is one of the goals of Acacia Evergreen. To learn more about our responsible business strategy, click on the link https://acacia.ie/responsible-business/ #Sustainability #FacilitiesMgmt #carbonfootprint

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This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is concerned with reducing and eliminating gender bias against women. According to a UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) survey from 2020,...

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Evergreen Project: Update

The urgency and effect of climate crisis has not been lost on Irish business. CSR or ESG (environmental, social and governance) is being given priority in organisations and the effects of this are...

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Hybrid working: how’s it going to work?

Whether you love it or hate it, hybrid working is here and has become a global way of working. It is not without its challenges and benefits. It requires us to redefine what we call the workplace....

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Acacia 2022: The Evergreen Project

An increased demand for sustainable goods, practices and services has been accelerated by the pandemic. While sustainability has been part of business for several years, the effects of putting...

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The year that was 2021

What defined it?   It is an understatement to say that 2021 has been a year of ups and downs. Lockdowns are no fun, but booster vaccines are providing some reassurance. Looking back on...

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World FM Day Quiz 2022

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The theme of this year's World FM Day 2022 is leading a sustainable future. How does facilities management support sustainability?

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Facilities management is a strategic tool to see patterns, track changes and identify risks that may have a future negative impact on your business.

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