New Workers More Likely to Have an Accident

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Health & Safety

The HSA have recently launched an awareness campaign on national radio to highlight the fact that new and inexperienced workers are more likely to have an accident at work. This follows from a recent HAS/ESRI study of workplace accidents which showed that workers are four times more likely to suffer a workplace accident in the first six months of a new job. The study concludes that new workers were subjected to a high risk due to one of more of the following factors;

  • lack of suitable training,
  • lack of suitable supervision,
  • reluctance from the new worker to question instructions,
  • a lack of safety knowledge,
  • increased workload associated with the new role.

When the HSA has inspected a workplace they are looking for signs that the employer is actively managing Health and Safety. They find that the good employers are aware of their obligations and have a strong focus on induction training.

Acacia Team

Acacia Team

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