Fire Safety Management

by | Mar 9, 2015 | Facilities Management, Health & Safety, Maintenance

Eyre Massy, Technical Services Director from Acacia Facilities Management recently presented at ASFP Ireland Fire Compartmentation Seminar at the FM Ireland 2015 event. The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations have changed the way that fire protection responsibilities and building control measures are defined.

To be able to fully manage all aspects of fire safety within commercial sites we believe that the following information must be accessible and held on-site

  1. Evidence that the applicable building Fire Safety Certificate(s) are valid or that they are not required (as declared by a competent person)
  2. Copies of all life safety information for the site (from the Safety Files/O&M Files)
  3. Evidence that passive and active life safety systems are being inspected and maintained correctly (in accordance with standards/best practices) and by evidence-based competent parties
  4. Evidence that systems which are indirectly related to fire safety are being tested regularly and repaired if required
  5. Evidence that a full site-specific Fire Safety Risk Assessment has been conducted and any issues raised have been actioned

For further assistance or information on how to achieve this, feel free to contact us

Acacia Team
Acacia Team

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