Acacia Facilities Manager and First Responder, Danny Wilson, delivering CPR Awareness Training at Acacia HQ in Blanchardstown.


At Acacia we want to help our people to have training for anything life throws at them.  That’s why we tapped into the in-house expertise of Acacia Facilities Manager, Danny Wilson.  As a long term member of the Swords First Responder Group, Danny was happy to provide CPR Awareness Training to our willing volunteer group.  CPR Awareness Training, while not a certified course, provides just enough knowledge to potentially recognise a cardiac arrest situation and trigger the chain of survival.

Why is CPR Training so Important?

The Irish Heart Foundation identifies 5 links in the chain of survival for victims of cardiac arrest.  These are:

  • Immediate recognition of cardiac arrest and contacting the emergency services.
  • Early CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) with an emphasis on chest compressions
  • Rapid defibrillation
  • Effective advanced life support
  • Integrated post-cardiac arrest care


The chance of survival for a person suffering from cardiac arrest reduces by 10% for every minute that CPR & defibrillation are not performed.

Information on a range of certified course can be found on the Irish Heart Foundation website.

For other news on Acacia’s supporting the Irish Heart Foundation see here.


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