February 2020

Should you use predictive maintenance to reform your business?

Predictive maintenance, as the name suggests, is a technique that allows you to predict the failure of a machine or equipment before it occurs. In other words, it predicts the future of whether the failure is going to happen or not.

February 2020

IoT Revolution Around Us

2020 is an excellent time to think about the future. With every passing year, we come across new technology and new and interesting ways to improve the workplace and increase efficiencies.

February 2020

The secret to a successful Preventative Maintenance strategy

Choosing the best strategy may seem like a quite daunting task. You cannot pick the right preventative maintenance strategy without the knowledge of a few core concepts. This post will help you in choosing and establishing the right preventative maintenance strategy.

June 2018

Building a Positive Future with Swords Men’s Sheds

Acacia were delighted to support Swords Men’s Sheds launch their new home in Seatown Road – another positive move for the vibrant Fingal community.

January 2017

Acacia contribute to expert panel Q&A on Fire Safety

Acacia Technical Service Director, Eyre Massy, to contribute to expert panel Q&A on Fire Safety at FM Ireland Event 2017.

August 2013

Cashless Payment Options for your Facility

Do you want to minimise the hassle and expense of counting, securing and banking cash at your Facility?

May 2012

Licencing Required For Security Systems Installers by October 2012

David O’Brien, Acacia’s Managing Director, has welcomed the licensing of contractors stating that “it is another step towards ensuring that only fully competent suppliers are operating in the market”