Evergreen Project: Update

Evergreen Project: Update

The urgency and effect of climate crisis has not been lost on Irish business. CSR or ESG (environmental, social and governance) is being given priority in organisations and the effects of this are being felt throughout. Large businesses are incorporating...

Staying Cool at Work this Summer

When we get sunshine in Ireland, it’s often while we’re stuck indoors. According to Met Eireann we’re about to enjoy our best heat wave in seven years. So what’s the secret to staying cool at work? Top Tips for Facilities Managers Use complaints received in...
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World FM Day Quiz 2022

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What does a facilities manager do?

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A great facilities manager should be…

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Facilities management is a strategic tool to see patterns, track changes and identify risks that may have a future negative impact on your business.

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The theme of this year's World FM Day 2022 is leading a sustainable future. How does facilities management support sustainability?

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Why do businesses need facilities managers?

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