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To develop a comprehensive maintenance programme for all of the building services within a large shopping centre and to complete a full asset life cycle analysis for the purpose of estimating the required annual sinking fund contributions for the next thirty years. The centre was for sale so the client wanted to use this opportunity to review (and improve) maintenance practices and to ensure that the sinking fund contributions were correct.

Business Challenge

A planned preventative strategy only existed for some assets on the site while a reactive maintenance strategy existed for all other assets resulting in varying conditions of the assets. In addition, some selective capital refurbishment works had taken place so the age profile of the assets was quite mixed.  

How we Helped

An asset register and a comprehensive maintenance programme was developed for the site which would achieve full compliance with all of the statutory requirements and would maximise the remaining life expectancy of all of the assets. An asset life cycle analysis was also completed which involved a review of maintenance records for the assets (where they existed) and the current status of each asset to allow us to grade the condition of the assets and to then estimate the remaining life expectancies of the assets using published CIBSE guidelines and our own experience of similar assets.

Additionally, estimated replacement costs were assigned to each asset based on industry rates so that an asset replacement programme could be mapped out for the next thirty years. This allowed the client to then review the annual sinking fund contributions to ensure that a sufficient budget is in place as the replacement of asset become necessary.   

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