There are many guidance documentation and playbooks in the public domain that are aimed at assisting organisations across all sectors of the economy, in both the Private & Public sector. This document is our advice based on our expertise and the information we have gathered through trusted industry sources and thought leaders. We have developed this document to contain information that is concise, accurate and practical to follow as we slowly return to our places of work in a safe manner.

This virus is here to stay in some form or another and we must learn how to live with it. What we do today must be flexible and easy to adapt over the short, medium and long term. In developing this document we have reviewed what exists in the workplace today and have looked at ways we can repurpose services or reprogramme our current assets, policies and procedures to ensure that our clients can return to their workplace in a structured and safe way without spending money unnecessarily.

We have minimised the amount of text to make it a quick reference document with useful information under relevant headings.

You can download the document here


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