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by | Feb 3, 2019 | Facilities Management, Featured


Over the last two years, most notably the last 12 months, the global FM industry is changing to benefit from advancing technologies in the working and building environment.  These technologies are taking many forms from within the IoT world, where innovative hardware is now being used in all aspects of facilities management like:


  • Continuously assessing mechanical assets for changes in parameters to assist in predictive maintenance;
  • Ongoing monitoring of space utilisation to maximise how/what/how often work space is being used;
  • Continuous monitoring of energy usage within the office environment to identify savings and reduce carbon footprints;
  • Review functional area usage at the end of the day that dictates the cleaning regime in real time fashion.


The list is endless.  We have seen bins declaring when they need to be emptied, soap dispensers sending a helpdesk request when they need refilling, even dry plants demanding to be watered.  Couple such routine tasks with a route optimisation app within a building and suddenly facilities staff can be directed on their most efficient use of their time.


So, what are the benefits?

Think about the time and money that could be saved in focusing time and energies where it is required, when it is required.  Think about the 24 hour, 7 days a week continuous monitoring of valuable assets, where the first signs of breakdown can be identified before asset failure. Therefore allowing plans to be put in place before any impact to business occurs.

This is something that has been foremost in Acacia’s strategy for Future FM delivery.  We are implementing or working with smart simple solutions that use such technologies to convert existing passive systems and buildings to active, living and responsive working environments.  2019 will be an exciting year for Acacia as we implement new IoT technologies to select clients, with a view to pushing their work environments to the forefront of leading-edge facilities management.


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Acacia Team

Acacia Team

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