Can flexible office space utilisation inspire progress and collaboration in your organisation?
Many clients of Acacia Facilities Management here in Ireland are embracing new ways of working that may look like interior design projects but are in fact improving productivity and ticking a number of strategic boxes.
Leading companies are redesigning their work spaces in such a way as to boost collaboration, make the work environment more attractive for people and fundamentally better. The main success indicators are an increase in space utilisation along with an increase in work productivity.
A case in point is Vodafone, which last year invested in redeveloping its headquarters in Dublin. Gone are the private offices and cubicles and instead people turn up and sit next to the person or group that requires interaction that day.
No matter the size of your company, it’s worth revisiting the way you do business, take stock and ask is there a better way? The process involves reviewing your current working environment, facilities, legislation and productivity and then setting targets that optimise your space utilisation.

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